Our founder launched AYDÖRE upon her graduation from the University of Cincinnati - where she earned a B.S. in Fashion Design from the College of DAAP (Design Art Architecture and Planning).

She was inspired to start this business on her 3-year anniversary as a bridal dress sales consultant. She wanted to tackle the unnecessary effort she observed that went into dress-shopping.

Many start out with a perfectly laid-out vision, but settle on something less than their dream. The traditional boutique-shopping process is physically and emotionally exhausting, coordinating schedules with friends and family is tricky, and many feel pressured to make a decision by the end of their short appointment. Some brides visit 5+ bridal shops - which leaves them feeling overwhelmed, and others purchase blindly because of an attractive price tag- only to feel buyer's remorse later on. On top of that purchase, dress alterations can cost upwards of $600!

But what if it didn't have to be that way? What if you could collaborate with a Fashion Designer to design your dream dress at a reasonable price? Someone who can make a gown to fit your exact measurements, someone who understands your wants/needs, someone who values customer service, user-centered design, and inclusivity.

Inquire today to get started on your one-of-a-kind look! Check out our Gallery page to see the sample bridal collection titled Dusty Rose, which our Founder methodically crafted as proof-of-concept for this hobby business. 

AYDÖRE, unapologetically you

AYDÖRE is an OPEN TO ALL business. We look forward to connecting with you!