Q: I’m interested in a one-of-a-kind, couture design for myself. How far in advance should I inquire? 

A: Our founder works a full-time job and runs this business as a hobby, so she can only take a few couture clients a year. We ask that you inquire 6 months in advance. Send an inquiry today to hear our current availability!

Q: I am about to send you an inquiry! What is the best way to contact?

A: E-mail: buse@aydore.com

Include name, event date, location, and service(s) you are looking for. Expect a response to e-mails within 24 hours.

Q: I don’t see a location on your website. Where can I find you?

A: Our founder currently operates out of her home in the Dallas, TX area and can share location details once you’re a confirmed client.


Q: I’m in need of some alteration services. What services do you offer and for how much?

A: At this time, we offer basic alteration services such as hems which can range anywhere from $10-$100 per layer. We are working to add more alteration services. E-mail us detailed pictures and a description for a free quote!

Q: What is the general price range I should expect to pay?

A: Materials and labor hours will vary depending on the project. Keep in mind our prices will be higher than average because we are Made in USA. Inquire via e-mail for your individual quote. Couture bridal will often range between $1,000-$5,000.

Q: I’m looking for a stress-free wedding day especially while my bridal party and I are getting ready. Can you be there?

A: Yes! We offer a pre-wedding “Room Service” at $100 per hour. This includes steaming dresses, dressing your bridal party, and addressing any emergency adjustments/repairs that might arise. Our Founder would bring her sewing machine, sewing kit, and a professional steamer. (local only)


Q: I want a custom outfit for my birthday / anniversary / graduation / prom / etc. Do you take such orders?

A: Yes! AYDÖRE caters to "Bridal & Beyond" -meaning we are always looking for a new creative challenge and to branch out beyond just bridal design. We want to be your go-to Fashion Designer for all of life's special days!


Q: It's important for me to know who made my clothes and if they were treated well/worked in positive work environments. What can you say about AYDÖRE?

A: All garments and accessories are hand-made with love by our founder in her Dallas area home. She only sources her fabrics. Made in USA!

Q: How do I pronounce "AYDÖRE"?

A: Aydöre is our Founder's last name (meaning "leader" in Turkish) & you can pronounce it the same way you would pronounce "adore." Consider the "Y" silent!