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2019 Non-traditional Engagement Ring Trends

While our focus at AYDÖRE is couture garments, we wanted to share options for custom jewelry. We teamed up with local expert Chelsea Mead from Honey Designs Jewelry in Cincinnati, OH to bring you the 4 hottest, non-traditional engagement ring trends to look out for in 2019. Before we begin, let us reiterate our motto: be unapologetically yourself. If that means something more traditional, that is 100% fine! If you're looking for something more unique or are unsure, then I hope this blog post inspires you!

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Emily is total nontraditional-bride goals! Her jaw-dropping ring highlights the beauty in asymmetry. Here, she shows off a juxtaposition of two diamonds- one a princess cut, and the other a pear cut. 

Jump on this trend by collaborating with a local jeweler to custom-design your ring. The two stones can be interpreted in infinite ways and represents the "dual-nature" of your committed relationship! You can play around with color, placement, shapes, etc.

We got a chance to speak with Chelsea, Founder of Honey Designs Jewelry to get her opinion on this trend: "A two-stone ring is a great way to achieve a modern look. I would also suggest trying out a two-stone ring that has overall symmetry. It's more timeless while still maintaining a different look!" 


For the eclectic bride, we have contoured bands. The curves will naturally influence the eye to trace across the ring, capturing everyone's gaze!

"Contoured bands create a fun, fresh look when you stack your rings. They're often minimalist on their own and it's a great way to merge different styles," says Chelsea. If paired with your engagement ring, a contoured band can frame and amplify your center stone. 

We're also seeing a faux stack look emerge for the bride who doesn't want to fuss with a separate engagement ring and a separate wedding ring. Once again, many possibilities for a custom design!



"Baguette" in French translates to "long rod." (yes, it also means long, thin loaf of delicious French bread).

Baguette diamonds are equal parts bold and glamorous. Suitable for the art deco aficionado. "Update a baguette style by setting them horizontally to play on that east-west trend. It's classic, yet unique," shares Chelsea.

Most often you'll see identical baguette diamonds lined up on a wide band- great for the bride looking for a two-in-one ring or looking to pair with their traditional solitaire. Pictured is a baguette band with a jagged, imperfect look that we adore.


Be prepared to see cluster rings everywhere in 2019. From asymmetric to symmetric, minimal to dramatic, have fun designing within this trend.

Chelsea shared with us that the best part is that it can cater to a range of budgets: "If your budget is more conservative, try cluster style rings. The smaller diamonds are more affordable and you won't have to sacrifice surface area if a bigger look is what you're going for."

Remember, you can also save a lot of money by using non-diamonds. Colored stones, like the sapphire pictured, work well as clusters. Beautiful and one-of-a-kind!

What’s your favorite engagement ring trend? Comment below!